Leasure time

It's importan for the well-being, that residents have access to diverse leasure time activities. In Vágur, residents can engage in wide array of sports and leasure time activities.

Below are some leasure time and cultural events highlighted.


Vágur offers a diverse range of sports activities and clubs. Residents can become members in the clubs or support the clubs in their effort to become great. Below you can read more about the various sports activities.


FC Suðuroy

The local football club is called FC Suðuroy. FC Suðuroy is a joint collaboration between the town Vágur and the village Sumba. The club's activities includes kids, youth and adults. FC Suðuroy has its practices at the football pitch from May to September, and from October to April its practices are indoor at the multi-arena Marghøllin.

More information can be found at the club's webpage and its Facebook page.


Vágs Bóltfelag (VB)

The handball club VB was established in the 1940s. Today, the club's womans team makes its marks. VB has teams at the various age groups, spaning from kids to adults. The handball club has its facilities and arranges practices at the sports hall. More information can be found at the club's website and its Facebook page.


Vágs Kappróðrarfelag

The rowing club has boats in various sizes and offer teams at various age groups - kids and adults. The club's facilities are new and located at the harbour. More information can be found at the club's Facebook page.



Susvim is the island's swiming club. The club was establised in 2007 as a joint collaboration between the swiming clubs in Vágur and Tvøroyri. Susvim provides training for residents in various ages - kids, youth and adults. More information on the club's webpage.


Suður Skot

The local archery club is Suður Skot. At Suður Skot, kids, youth and adults can learn and train archery. The club is located at the multi-arena Marghøllin. Practice is Wednesday from 16.00 to 22.00. More information on the club's Facebook page.



The local running club is called Hvistan. Hvistan member's meet up twice a week for running, and running is at various degrees, depending on the members' goals and abilities. Therefore, members can "run for fun" or train to a e.g. marathon. More information on the club's webpage and Facebook page.

Leasure time activities

In addition to the organised sports clubs, there are other leasure time activities. These activities are both organised in various clubs and as interest group. Below you can read more about the various leasure time activities.


The Scouts


Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Disc golf is the newest (2022) edition to the vast array of leasure time activities in Vágur. Disc golf is played as traditional golf, but with discs and baskets. The disc golf area is situated around the football pitch and it's free to play. Disc golf is a great activity that is both sosial, competitive and active. It's an interest group that manages the disc golf area. More information can be found at this website or by following the interest group's Facebook and Instagram pages.


Parkour - Move


The music school

The Music School


The evening school
The Youth House

The Youth House



FabLab - Fabrication Laboratory


The aquatic center - Páls Høll

The swim center in Vágur is called Páls Høll. Páls Høll offers residents and visitors a 50 m. swiming pool, a hot kids pool, a water slide, saunas and outdoor hot tubs. In addition, there is a fitness center at Páls Høll. For more information, visit Páls Høll's website and Facebook page.

The multi-arena - Marhøllin

Marghøølin is the largest indoor sports hall in the Faroes. Marghøllin holds a 1/2 size football pitch, running track and a climbing and bouldering wall. For more information, visit Marghøllin's website.

The Sports Area


Religious life


The National Church

The Faroese National Evangelical Lutheran Church

Open Brethren
The Parish house
The Salvation Army

The New Year's Eve Celebration

In the 1960s, a group of young locals set out to organise a New Year‘s Eve celebration in Vágur. The intention was to establish a tradition in Vágur that would unite locals and people affiliated with the town on New Year‘s Eve – every year onwards.

The New Year‘s Eve celebration includes a torchlight procession, fireworks, and bonfire that unfold at the place called the Triangle (Tríkanturin). Until the 1950s, a local company used the Triangle to dry fish. Therefore, the historical importance of this place continues with the New Year‘s Eve celebration.

In connection with the new Millennium (the year 2000), the Triangle was renovated and two statues, created by local entrepreneurs, erected, becoming an ornament for the town. Coupled with tradition, festivity, and cohesion, the two statues and the Triangle encapture New Year‘s Eve in Vágur.

Throughout the years, the New Year‘s Eve celebration in Vágur has evolved to a spectacular - one that cannot be experienced elsewhere. Today New Year‘s Eve in Vágur gathers people in their thousands, locals as well as visitors from around the world, that want to experience the celebration.