Port of Vágur

The first port of call

Bryggjan 5, 900 Vágur


Situated in the North Atlantic, on the southernmost island of the Faroe Islands, Port of Vágur is the nearest port at service to oil fields west of Shetland and the international fishing fleet active south of the Faroe Islands. A deep fjord shelters port of Vágur. Entering the port is safe and easy, with a tidal range of max one meter. The port is protected from currents and waves.

Port of Vágur is an ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) certified, commercial port with a wide range of vessel control services provided to users on a 24 hour per day basis. Port of Vágur comprises the harbour and open storage area on the north side of Vágur fjord, the oil-harbour on the south side, and the boat basin.
Port of Vágur is part of international freight routes, with connections to the European mainland and America. Vágur is also an ideal destination for smaller cruise ships and sailboats.

The north harbour has a 5.000 sq m open storage area and a ro-ro wharf. The harbour has four landing areas covering approx. 500 m of quayside. Depth ranges from 7 to 9 metres.


The northside harbour

  • Depth: 9 m – 86 m quayside and wharf
  • Depth: 7 m – 146 m quayside and wharf
  • Depth: 7 m – 130 m quayside and wharf
  • Ro-ro wharf
  • Open storage area 5.000 sq m

The southside harbour

  • Depth:8 m - 135 m quayside 
Map of Port of Vágur - with info

The map is over the northern harbor of Vágs harbor, where the bollards are located with strength. In addition to the bollards, the measurements on the northern harbor are marked, along with relevant information about facilities at the harbor.

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Maps of Vágur fjord


Map of Vágur fjord

Depths at Port of Vágur


Address: Bryggjan 5, 900 Vágur, Faroe Islands

Phone: (+298) 37 30 33 (24/7)

Fax: (+298) 37 41 10



Harbour dues: 1.80 DKK pr. NT

Quay dues: 1.45 DKK pr. NT

Pilot services (according to law) 4,400 - 4,800 DKK

Fresh cleaned water: 15 DKK pr. metric ton

Shore power: 2.20 DKK pr. kWh

Waste disposal: 500 DKK pr. cubic metre

Storage: 0.50 DKK pr. sq m pr. day

Free Wi-fi available at quay side


Port of Vágur supplies bunkering of:

  • Fresh cleaned water (regular water test)
  • Marine gasoil (high quality 0,1% Sulphur)
  • Food supplies


Port of Vágur provides a wide range of vessel control services on a 24 hour per day basis. Services include pilot service and towage, MRO-services (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations), bunkering, hydraulic, electrical work and hi-tech steelwork. While docked, ships have access to health, safety and provision. In addition, the city of Vágur offers a wide range of recreational activities. Port of Vágur has a 5.000 sp m open storage area.

Boat basin

The boat basin on the south side holds 21 slots. Boats can bunker oil on the north harbour. 

Regulation of noise from ships

The inter-municipal regulation of noise from ships is valid in the port of Vágur. The regulation sets a mark on low-frequency engine noise and unnecessary noise from docked ships. Read the full regulation here.

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