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Speaking Faroese language is a foundation for a newcomer to integrate in society. The evening school in Vágur, Kvøldskúlin, gives Faroese courses to foreigners. The course “Faroese language and culture for foreigners” is free. For registration, please contact the head of Kvøldskúlin: Sølvi Andreasen at email: hogabo@olivant.fo or by phone on +298 269567.


In the Faroe Islands, certain job positions require qualifications that are recognized by Denmark’s standards in order to be hired for the position (i.e. medical area). Generally, all foreign qualifications have been assessed and recognized by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Recently, Fróðskapasetur Føroya began assessing and recognizing in the education fields they manage such as nursing.

Each employer and work sector has different requirements, so it is important to also check to see what requirements or conditions they have before you begin your qualification recognition process.