Vágs kommuna - Vágsvegur 30 - Tlf. 663000 - email: vagur@vagur.fo


The childcare in Vágur is organized at the Eikilund and in a daycare-system, serving children from as early as 8-9 months until they go in 1. grade in the public school

If you move to the municipality of Vágur with children and you need childcare, please register either on our homepage here – or come to the town hall at Vágsvegur 30 to register.


After school service

The after school-service is for children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and is located at Ungsdómshúsið (the Youth House) at Vágsvegur 71 – and is open weekdays until 17.00 (the children are picked up by our staff at the school).