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Setanarrøða Norðurlendska Meistarastevnan fyri Ung 2017

8. juli 2017

Dennis Holm, borgarstjóri setti Norðurlendsku Meistarastevnuni fyri Ung 2017 í Páls Høll leygardagin 8. juli 2017.

Góðu svimjarar, venjarar, liðleiðarar, dómarar, hjálparfólk og áskoðarar – dear Nordic friends,


Heartily welcome to Vágur, to Páls Høll and to the Nordic Age Group Championships 2017.

This day is a big day for all of you – swimmers, coaches, and team-leaders. Within minutes the Nordic Age Group Championships 2017 will start and you will compete against time, against fellow swimmers – compete for personal bests and for medals.

For us her in Vágur this is also a big day.

This day is the beginning of another step of our local dream.

A dream originally inspired by a local swimmer, a swimmer just like one of you – our own swimming hero Pál Joensen.

In July 2008 Pál Joensen won 3 gold medals at the European Junior Championships in Beograd – gold in 400, 800 and 1.500-meter freestyle.

Two years later, in August 2010, Pál Joensen won a silver medal in 1.500-meter freestyle at the European Championships in Budapest – Pál won a silver medal at the European Championships in a 50-meter pool, though he only had trained in the old 25-meter pool in our local school.

Later that week in August 2010 five locals started a dream: They wanted to build a 50-meter pool, to give Pál Joensen and other swimmers in the Faroe Islands the best circumstances to train and to develop, so that they could compete on international level.

5 years later this crazy project – Páls Høll (in English Páls Hall – named after Pál Joensen) – opened and a huge dream came through.

A small community with only some 1.400 inhabitants had built the first 50-meter pool in the Faroe Islands – and we are probably the smallest place in the world with a 50-meter pool.


But the dream did not stop there – our ambitions were even higher.

We wanted world class swimmers to come here on training camps.

– And just a week ago the famous breaststroke swimmer and London Olympic Gold Medallist and world record holder, Rūta Meilutytė from Lithuania, finished a month-long training camp in Páls Høll, preparing for the World Championships in Hungary later this month.

We also wanted to invite the world to Vágur. Wanted to invite the world to Páls Høll to compete in international swimming competitions – and today you will all help us to fulfil that part of our dream.


We are all extremely proud of being given the opportunity to facilitate the Nordic Age Group Championships 2017.

We look forward to 3 exciting sessions, two today and one tomorrow – and are expecting that you will all do your very best to thrill us, in your pursuit of fulfilling your personal dreams.

And we also hope that the Nordic Age Group Championships 2017 in Páls Høll here in Vágur will follow you as a great experience for years to come.

I wish you all the very best and a good competition and hereby declare the Nordic Age Group Championships 2017 to be opened.

Takk fyri

Last modified: 8. juli 2017