Welcome to Vágur

We welcome new residents and do our very best to help them become part of our community. Locals are known for their hospitality and the municipality, volunteers and the various clubs offer many leasure time activities and services for you to explore.

Register for relocation

All residents (not visitors or tourists) who receive a legal permit for the first time in the Faroe Islands, must register at the municipality.The registration to the municipality of Vágur is at the citizen service at Vágsvegur 57. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00-15.00.

For further information about applications and permits to stay in Vágur, contact Vágur Municipality's citizen service via e-mail, by phone +298 66 30 00 or by visiting the citizen service center.

Learn Faroese

Speaking Faroese language is a foundation for a newcomer to integrate in society. The evening school in Vágur, Kvøldskúlin, gives Faroese courses to foreigners. The course “Faroese language and culture for foreigners” is free.

About the course: Faroese for foreigners

The island's evening schools will offer the course Faroese for foreigners. In this course, participants will learn to speak and understand Faroese, and the course will be taught at various levels, depending on the participants' language abilities. The course is based on the acknowledged CEFR-standard.

For registration, please contact the head of the Evening School: Tina Tausen at 

Education degree recognition

In the Faroe Islands, certain job positions require qualifications that are recognized by Danish standards in order to be hired for the position (i.e. medical area). Generally, all foreign qualifications have been assessed and recognized by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.  Fróðskapasetur Føroya has begun assessing and recognizing in the education fields they manage such as nursing.

Each employer and work sector has different requirements, so it is important to also check to see what requirements or conditions they have before you begin your qualification recognition process.


Moving to a new country can be exciting but it can also be challenging. It is not always easy to know who to contact when advice or guidance is needed. Vágur municipality and the Faroese Immigration Office offer advice and guidance on how to integrate and get a good start on the stay in the Faroe Islands.

Immigration office

Visit the Immigration office's website here

Read the handbook for newcomers here

Read the phamplet New to the Faroe Islands here.


In the town of Vágur, and on the islands of Suðuroy, there is a wide range of job opportunities, both unskilled and skilled.

There are opportunities to work in the fish processing industry, in the crafts industry, and a wide range of job opportunities within public services, for example: daycare, schools, elderly care, and the hospital. These areas generally employ people with qualifications related to the area.

You can also find businesses in banking, supermarkets, and other various sectors you may consider. Please note that some education degree-related positions require Faroese/ Danish or other recognized degrees.