Childcare in Vágur is organized at the kindergarten Eikilund. Children from the age of 8 months and till they start in 1st grade in the public school may enrol in Eikilund.

If you move to the municipality of Vágur with children and you need childcare, please register either on our homepage or visit the citizen service at Vágsvegur 57.

After school service

The after school-service is for children in 1st and 2nd grade in the public school.The after school-service is open in prolongnation to the school and until 15.00. Staff from will pick up the children from the public school.

The after school-service is located at the Recreation Centre, which also houses the Youth House (Ungsdómshúsið). The Recreation Center is located at Vágsvegur 71.

The Youth House

The Youth House is where kids meet up and hang out. At the Youth House, staff organise various games, activities and projects. The house is open weekdays until 17.00.

Sports and other activities

As a resident in Vágur, you can join and play various sports, e.g. football, handball, rowing and swiming. In addition to these, residents can try parkour, disc golf, become scouts and join the music school. See more under Leasure.